Linked Geo Data Browser and Editor

The LGD Browser and Editor (available at allows to browse the world by using a slippy map. Once a region is selected, the browser analyzes the descriptions of nodes and ways in that region and generates facets for filtering. Once a facet or a specific facet value has been selected, matching elements are displayed as markers on the map and in a list. If the selected region is changed, these are updated accordingly.

If a user logs into the application by using her OSM credentials, the displayed elements can directly be edited in the map view. For this, the browser generates a dynamic form based on existing properties. The form also allows to add arbitrary additional properties. In oder to encourage reuse of both properties and property values, the editor performs a type-ahead search for existing properties and property values and ranks them according to the usage frequency. When changes are made, these are stored locally and propagated to the main OSM database by using the OSM API.

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