LinkedGeoData is an open community project and highly values new contributors.


LinkedGeoData is open source and hostet at Git Hub. The main developer page is

Mailing List

We are very interested in hearing your opinion about LinkedGeoData and getting ideas for further improvements.

Please send feedback and ideas to the LinkedGeoData group. This group is the main forum for LinkedGeoData related discussions.


If you just want to stay up-to-date about what is happening around linkedGeoData, you can subscribe to our AKSW Blog.

Reporting Bugs / Issues / Feature Requests

Please use our issue tracker to report bugs or suggest enhancements. In case of bugs, please try to describe the problem in such a way that the developers can reproduce it.

LinkedGeoData Consulting

Occasionally we receive requests for commercial support and consulting. Please contact Sören Auer and Jens Lehmann regarding consulting inquiries.

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