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Jun 27 Restored legacy SPARQL endpoint and ported website to ghpages
Feb 1 Backend still down due to incompatibilities after server upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04
Jan 7 Backend down due to server crash (affects SPARQL endpoint and database)
May 7 Linked Data interface operation back to normal
May 7 Linked Data interface back to normal after multiple faults and regressions due to moving and upgrading services

| | | |——–|—| | Feb 3 | SPARQL Endpoint and Linked Data operation back to normal | | Jan 27 | Service temporary down due physically moving the server to a new location. |

Nov 21 Database back online. Enjoy!
Nov 15 Due to a database upgrade we need to reload the data – REST API estimated to be back online around end of the week
Jan 13 New Open Street Map RDF datasets available online and for download!
Sept 21 Completed upgrade to Postgres 9.3 and loaded a fresh LGD database. Please create issues in the git should you experience any problems. New downloads are in the works.
Sept 18 LGD REST-API was down due to long overdue hard- and software upgrades. The SPARQL endpoint was unaffected.
May 13 New datasets for download available here! Data in the SPARQL endpoint will be updated later.
Apr 5 LinkedGeoData may be temporarily down tonight due to maintenance.
Mar 31 The LinkedGeoData repository moved to GitHub. Look there how you can now convert the data you want yourself!
Sep 10 Servers are back online after being down for the week because of moving them to a new location. Also, updated licence statements to ODbL, because we are required to do so – at least according to the OSM wiki
Jun 12 Added a missing index on the way_tags table
Jun 11 Deployed REST API under*. Updated examples on the website. More tuning for performance needed.