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Use Cases

Linked Geo Data is one of the largest knowledge bases in the LOD2 cloud. It complements other spatial data sets, in that it also contains smaller or less popular entities (post offices, traffic lights, bus stops). The data is freely available and growing fast due to the enormous growth of the Open Street Map projects.

The key strengths of Linked Geo Data are:

  • It has a broad coverage, both in number and type of spatial entities (400 million geo elements belonging to 500 classes).
  • Linked Geo Data can serve as a crystallisation point for future spatial web data integration, since it provides unique URIs and exposes its content as Linked Data. Mappings to DBpedia were established already and other knowledge bases are likely to be interlinked with LGD in the future.
  • The LGDBrowser provides a demo focusing on structural features in OSM/LGD and providing facet-based browsing for efficiently handling the large volume of data.